The importance of Marital Equality, Part 1

While a lot of my energy is going to my own battle against illness and effort to fundraise, one thing I have been wanting to write on is marital equality. My marriage (domestic partnership) is a heterosexual one. However, despite my identification as somewhere in between on the complex continuum of sexuality and identification as bi, society views me in the context of my marriage to my husband. Whether people want to see it or not, sexuality is not a black and white issue.  I have heard all sorts of hateful comments over the course of my life, experienced discrimination on multiple levels, and been refused service based on skin color and assumptions about my sexuality. That makes the current struggle for equality more important to me.

I have a unique perspective to share, and it will be my next blog post. Many people who look at this issue see it as a non-issue for them, villainize those who have second class status in our society, and seem to feel “separate but equal” status is justified and ethical.  Beyond that though, they don’t see that this issue is not just one that affects the LGBT community but “rears its ugly head” for those that think they are out of reach.

I have been interested in law for a long time, and I have had to defend myself successfully in many situations. With all my preparation, I never expected to encounter the issues I did at a local Portland hospital in 2000 when I had to go in for emergency gall bladder surgery. I am and was aware of potential problems for all domestic partners and even married people (yes I did say married).

For now, I will leave my writing about that story here.  I want to share two equality images for download as profile pictures or cover photos. My husband/parter created this images. He is a digital artist and photographer. This is his contribution to the fight for equality.  While his work takes time, this cause is important enough that he took his free time to create these and is allowing for free downloads of them for Facebook and other social media. We thought it would be great to have one or two of these available  with rainbow colors in them.  Please see the links at the end of this writing.

As for me, I am working on a complimentary piece for equality as a current project. I will be finished soon, and at that time, will make them available to the public with a suggested donation or retail price.

To use rainbow banners, please go to this link:

Click on the image or image files you want.  A download button will appear.  The images also appear below. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Rainbow Equality Large

Rainbow Equality Large

Rainbow Equality with reflection Large

Rainbow Equality with reflection Large

Rainbow Equality small

Rainbow Equality small

Rainbow Equality with reflection small

Rainbow Equality with reflection small


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