“Equal Right Now!” marital equality project/human rights campaign

These “Equal Rights Now!” hearts are a great way to show solidarity in the quest for human rights, especially in the LGBT community. I can replicate the color scheme shown in the pictures or take special requests.  There are many available right now though.

I created this piece as a dedication to the struggle for human rights. Despite decades of trying to gain equal rights, many members of society continue to being mistreated. This is very personal for me, as I have experienced discrimination on multiple levels. The time is now to bring our citizens full marital rights, rights as employees, and a host of rights being denied. Made to support the LGBT community, I feel it also has a broader message as I look at this beautiful piece. Looking around, there are many people that are being denied human rights and dignity. Basic needs like medical care, food, and housing are necessary for those suffering. Even with the continuous fight since the beginning of the Civil Rights movement, discrimination and hatred is still strong. As we all watch our nation change and anxiously look to the U.S. Supreme Court awaiting justice, I wanted to share this piece for solidarity.
EqualRights01 EqualRights03 EqualRights05 EqualRights06 EqualRights07 EqualRights04

Suggested donation amount is $25 to $35.  Please contact me for details.  I am raising money to pay for treatment for severe autoimmune diseases. However, if I get a donation amount closer to $35, I plan to donate to a charity that helps the LGBT community’s homeless population.  I will make an announcement about which charity or charities would be used and what amount will be donated.

Another option is to pick a suggested donated and add $1 to $5 to be donated to charity. I will make donation information available as requests are processed.

To donate directly to help with my treatment, please use this link.  Thank you!  If you would like this piece, please use the contact form to ask for details prior to or with your donation. https://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/cheryl-s-medical-fund/40186




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