Charity vs. Justice–A Humanitarian Issue

Above are my equality pieces.  For suggested pricing, please go to the facebook link at the end of this writing.  Pieces range from $20 to $45.  I can also make custom pieces for your state, wedding, domestic partnership ceremony.  And now for my discussion about human rights and ethics.
I am normally not into watching stars or rock stars speak on religion, politics, etc. I find it is usually a poorly thought out analysis with self-interests guiding. Sure that will always be the case with humans. Religious or not, this is good to watch. I feel most people will relate and many should watch to learn. I would quote Bono, but there are so many quotes. I think it is close that he said he learned from his parents that religion often gets in the way of God. He addresses not just charity but justice.I have devoted a lot of time to my equality pieces. While it is true that it is for the LGBT community, in my description of a piece on Etsy, I specifically point out that it is a human rights issue as well. Inequality and injustice are big problems beyond the scope of any one community. We are part of a world community, and that needs to be reflected in our actions. It must be “Us” and not “Us and Them.”My mission will not stop due to a Supreme Court decision as I know the law and justice are often not in the same “court.” Ethics transcends law. If you wish to help me and bring solidarity to the world with one of my pieces, please pm me. It is my goal to eventually pay it forward with donations to places I know help people, not just administrate. Thank you for listening.
Here is a link to my work on Facebook. I can be found at CK Thiruvathukal or LaidBackPottery on Facebook.  That is also the name of my Etsy shop.

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