New Etsy listing–a piece that says Portland and more…

With full legalization recently passed in Washington and Colorado allowing the use of cannabis, this seems a perfect time for the piece I designed and created.  I was thinking about the voters approving marijuana fully and not just for medical, and I thought of the show Portlandia. Then, I thought this is Potlandia.  It cracked me up.

Oregon may not allow for legal use but it truly is Potandia.  While out in public gathering, the scent of cannabis travels with the winds and sometimes without.  People act as though legalization took place here already and long ago.

This piece is a great piece for those that want legalization, better rights for patients in areas like Oregon that have just medical marijuana, or who just like the look of a clever piece.

To order, use the link.  Any special requests to personalize that piece can likely be done.  Please comment  or feel free to contact me at LaidBackPottery on Etsy if you have any requests.  Thank you! *

* Please note the copyright and initials TM, indicating trademark.

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