The Pursuit of Happiness…really?? I don’t think so.

I wrote this for Facebook but I decided to put it here with no editing.  It makes a point, and that point needs to be heard fully.  We are not helping things when we cut programs to our most disadvantaged.  Such government actions come back to our citizens and worlds with an equal and opposite set of forces.  Does it help balance the budget. I doubt it. It is a small amount, “a drop in the bucket” as my step-grandmother used to say.  Even cutting all political salaries by an equal amount, which would be a lot higher than $36, would not balance the budget. It would have no effect on them either.

I think I remember this. In 2009, this act was passed in order to help those most affected by the economic recession. Special funding was provided from The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). The ARRA funds raised SNAP benefits marginally (food stamps) to help people most affected by the recession. Now that things are great for those hit hardest by the economic recession, this funding is gone and benefits are being lowered across the board for single people and families having “zero income.”

While I am very tolerant of open discussion, I don’t want a discussion here of how this is a good action. I will delete any post that even hints at this. Freedom of speech can be exercise on your timeline or on other social media and blogs regarding this.  However. I would never squash that freedom but not here please. Not tonight. Many people might want to consider that there is a respect for veterans that have served and are serving our country. This removed funding will affect them as well as the rest of the “masses.” I think we need to care about the plight of those suffering. And clearly, churches and private organizations don’t have it covered. Myself, when I have used churches to get access to food in the past, I can’t even use their food due to dietary restrictions and dangerous BPA-filled cans.

I remember standing in line (barely) and having a woman tell me that she was grateful for what the Lord provided. The implication was that I was did not. I don’t think “God” provided the crap that is in most of these places, including our stores. I’d like to see foods that are filled with junk banned personally…gmos, high fructose corn syrup, man and woman made junk. Caring about our bodies should be a common sense thing, but many that are spiritual and religious have shared with me about the body being a “temple.” Part of protecting that “temple” means not filling it with dangerous toxins, alcohol. And over-consumption of food in general should be avoided. I used to go to church also. Yes, I am pushing an agenda:

My agenda is one that embraces love, compassion, concern for the disadvantaged and marginalized. That is not a bad agenda, in my opinion. It is one that is part of any good ethics system, from atheist to agnostic to all major religions and philosophies. I think I will stop now. This was my way of easing my tired, overwhelmed mind. I write to sooth myself. “Good night and good luck,” to use Edward R. Murrow’s words.


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