This is a new piece I made. It is one of my favorites and I plan to make more with different features.  Please let me know if you are interested in this piece. It would be a great kids’ gift or elephant lover’s delight. Have a treat of ice cream or pudding in it. Such fun!  I have a cat ice cream bowl, and I am open to making others in addition to my cat and pig banks. Even my daughter has pieces available and I’ll post those soon.  Any special requests are welcome!  A dog, cat, turtle…just let me know.

A friend that is a potter, Mark Campbell, wrote this after seeing my piece:

“A friend of mine just posted a picture of her elephant cup. When I saw it, I was instantly reminded of the first time I became fascinated with clay. I was in Kindergarten, and out teacher showed us a finished elephant that looked looked like this.

My first piece of ceramic work did not turn out all that great. I did instantly realize the limitless possibilities that clay had to offer, and was hooked!”

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