Lyme disease, Igenex testing, and important information. Click link at the bottom to see video

I came across this online and found it very informative. I was absolutely shocked by some of what I heard on this, and I feel doctors need to start educating themselves. Telling people they just have “fibromyalgia” or any syndrome just assigns a label and they then walk away from their duties as physicians.  A negative Igenex test for Lyme and even co-infections does not indicate that you are uninfected.  Lyme and even co-infections are clinically diagnosed.  Often, doctors will test right after a bite. The human body hasn’t had time for production of antibodies. That takes time.  I think 6 weeks would be the earliest time to test. Even then, these infections hide in the human body, so it might not show. After one has chronic lyme, it might be hard if not impossible to see in blood tests.

As I watched this, I noticed that Igenex had tested many patients that had Igenex negative testing. The performed biopsies and identified the bacteria that causes lyme in those biopsies. I don’t recall the exact figure, but it is disconcerting. At the same time, I felt like this explained a lot. Myself, I have almost all of the symptoms of lyme and some of its co-infections, like tickborne malaria (babesiosis) and bartonella. There is a part which shows redness on the ears. I had this. I also had red and hot areas all over my body that came and went.

There are other ways to test for lyme.  I believe dark field microscopy can be used and I have heard of a lab that using culturing techniques. Even those things to me are not proof positive of a diagnosis. Keep educating yourself if you are a patient. Keep fighting!

I hope this helps to explain to the public how serious this is. This helps to protect others from infection, and it helps those that might be getting the run around from doctors.

Feet2 Redear Feet1 Knees2 Knees1 LyingdownsickI

Thank you for watching.


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