Shifting directions

I’ve run into an issue recently, even with more time available. Pain on different levels is blocking my ability to think and write as clearly as I do. I often get burst of thought when I am no where near a computer, and those fade before they make it to digital memory. Only the skeleton of one thought remains this early morning of June 24th: This blog needs to switch paths. It must be dedicated to writing whatever I can about the journey I am undergoing. Not just with bee sting therapy either, but also with anything related to my challenges with Lyme disease or one of its pesky cousins. I’ve come to hate the word Lyme disease, but it’s already taken off with the public. The American public and world are barely listening, so to change the name right now would make this type of illness even more obscure than it currently is—that’s a pretty sad statement. Illness from micro-organisms are one of the leading issues that face all humans in today’s world. The things we fear, perhaps potentially things than could end our lives, like an encounter with a wild animal, aren’t likely to occur. But daily, our bodies engage in a dangerous dance with invisible life forms, and that dance isn’t a merely antagonistic one. It’s a balance, and if disturbed, the organism may perish. That’s what diseases like Borrelia burgdorferi, or Lyme disease, do. They come along and like an unannounced tornado, they wreak havoc on their victim.

My life was not an easy one, and it is hard for me to think in a chronological manner when I recount events leading up to it at this point. Instead, I will write what I am experiencing at the moment I am able to type out the words. Well, this isn’t like me. I normally write endlessly, but I’m exhausted. Tomorrow, I do another 10-12 stings.

Next time, I am going to talk about my recent trip to a local park in search for geocaches. What should be a fun event has different effects on a person that nearly has lost everything to the outdoors. Nature should be a safe place. Our planet isn’t the same for many of us anymore. The beauty of the outdoors is seen as tainted by hidden pathogens and parasites.

To donate to my cause, please use paypal at ; I need to get back to my treatment. With bee sting therapy and Chinese medicine, I have the best shot.


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